We are looking for Resellers and distributors

Debug units are sold and installed in many parts of the world.

However we are always looking for new markets and country’s.

Just a few of the industry’s that benefit from cleaner burning fuel/ No diesel bug

Mining, Transport, Telecommunications, Marine, Heavy Fuels, Generation, Heating

As a reseller

  • Enjoy a great buy price
  • Ongoing Knowledge and technical support
  • Great add on to your existing Diesel industry business
  • Use this amazing product to increase your company’s industry coverage
  • Greater protection of existing company Fuel systems


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Custom built to cope with larger fuel flows. An L50,000 was built for the 276 meter oil tanker, Cossack Pioneer, belonging to Woodside Petroleum and moored north of Australia. Other special units can be designed or made for large fuel flows and special applications.

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